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18 de jan de 2016


Cropped tops;This is one of my absolute favourite meshes and it had only three swatches, so I felt like adding some more! There are 13 print swatches, 2 gradient ones and 5 Pooklet Unnaturals ones. The tops look the best on sims with small boobs. The original mesh is by @missparaply​ and you have to download it so my recolours work in your game! You can do it here. I hope you like these ones! Please @ or # me if you use them, nothing makes me more happy here than seing your cute sims wearing my recolours! Also big thanks to @llenies​ for throwing some inspiration at me, I don’t know how but it really worked :O ♥

PS. There is a typo in the file name but I’m too lazy to fix that whoopsdownload / mirror

Item para The Sims 4
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